This theme is more than just a WordPress theme. It is equipped with additional modules for seat, area reservations for listing upcoming and past events in a beautiful manner. Just check its main features below.

This theme is suitable for:

  • Individual event organizers
  • Events management companies
  • Entertainment companies
  • Event booking and seat reservation companies
  • Event industry mobile app landing
  • Night club business owners
  • Event, ticket marketplace similar to Eventbrite

Powerful Event Search Page

All events are linked with WooCommerce plugin. Under classical products section we have created additional fields related to event start and end time, venue location and much more. This data is then used by various event listing layouts. For example, with the help of layout as show below one can search for events events, filter by location and calendar date, add sidebar with custom filter parameters. The data is then searched in live and refreshed seamlessly and automatically.

Event listing and search layout

You can also customize the layout visual appearance without any coding requirements. For example, you can:

  • change color of texts and buttons
  • adjust font size and style
  • change element shape and adjust its width and height
  • customize search toolbar and much more

Home Page Variations

This template is equipped with various landing pages and home page variations. In addition, it support 7 different banner styles including: youtube banners, various call to action banners, countdown banners, event search banners, etc.

Event home page countdown banner.

Custom Seat Reservation Layouts

This theme is also compatible with seat reservation extension developed by Kenzap. With the help of which you can create custom shaped layouts for ticket reservation and selling online.

concert hall layout demo example with live seat bookingThe so called seat reservation maps can be used by small and large event organizers. Some scenarios may require you to create sections with hundreds of seats both seating and standing places.

For concert hall layouts with large seating charts the example may look as displayed on the image below. This layout can be previewed here.

expo hall layout demo example with live seating chart reservation system

Event Galleries

You may definitely need to showcase special occasions on your website in a cool and professional way. This theme comes with various gallery layouts to support.

grid style event gallery in WordPress

WooCommerce Supported

Your point fo sale is here right away backed by most popular checkout management system. Use different payment gateways, set up shipping zones for custom delivery locations.

Ticket selling integration in WooCommerce

Event Oriented

This template is packed with so many different and powerful layouts that you will be able to create custom pages for any occasions.

Event timeline layout in WordPress

Ticket Scanning & Validation

Not only you can sell tickets to various event with the help of this template but also send automatic PDF invoices with QR-codes, validate tickets securely with the help of a free android application MyTicket Scanner.

Android mobile app PDF ticket validation screenshot

Customizable PDF Tickets

Concert events, night clubs, private parties, festivals, conference spaces. Adjust PDF ticket templates according to your business needs.

compact PDF QR-code ticket badge example

Blogging Layouts

This theme supports 6+ multiple blogging layouts. You can also grant permissions to your employees to create guest posts and accept publications manually. 

Rich blog grid layout example

On top of all this functionality you can have free demo trial and hundreds of additional layout examples. Not all of the layouts are loaded into the demo preview of this specific theme but you can take any from this source: or WordPress public repositories.  

Best Live Editing System

New technologies are emerging and WordPress is moving away from slow server side rendering towards React world. All general layouts such as banners or timelines are rendered directly in clients browser ensuring that overall performance of your website will increase.

Gutenberg editor block addition live preview

WordPress Standards

Kenzap officially WordPress and you can find numerous of plugins and extensions under free WordPress repositories developed by us. All these plugins are optimized for Kenzap themes while any other theme vendor can also rely on it too. In addition to that, every plugin is verified by core WordPress team.

Plugins act a main building blocks for Kenzap themes and unlike any other third party developed themes you can enjoy open source nature of our products.

Extended Layouts

There are simply so may possibilities with this theme that you can ultimately build any layout that will look professionally and serve its purpose well. You can also allow your website visitors to publish events and achieve similar functionality like Eventbrite website. You can watch more about it on YouTube here

Free Cloud Demo

Check out free Kenzap cloud demo to see this product in action. You can try creating you first page or adjust existing demo content without any need to understand HTML language. Its easy and intuitive and yet it gives you all powers of Wordpress with access to its numerous plugins. Free Cloud Demo.

Enjoy nice and fresh looking design of this theme.

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