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With this package Kenzap team will help you create and integrate custom seat layout into your WordPress website.

The package will cover

  • multiple hours of integration work and support
  • bug fixing
  • custom zone creation based on the layout type
  • seat to zone assignment

Needed from you

  • Good quality image drawing/render of your hall/venue place

    Please reach us before placing this order and provide your image drawing as an example.

About technology

This solution is optimized to run with large hall layouts such as football stadiums, hokey halls, large concert halls. You can easily accommodate more than 50,000 seats per one layout. Even with such large layouts your website visitors should not experience booking delays or slow page loading speeds thats to plugin special architecture. 

This article explains how to import/export extremely large layouts to your website: https://kenzap.blog/importing-layouts-with-5000-seats-myticket-events-plugin/

Example works

Some very notable clients rely on this solution, you can find some examples below.

The image above represents seat mapping example of large arena that is split into numerous sectors for individual seat reservation, fan zone, standing area and the stage.

The shape and the layout style can be absolutely unique. With MyTicket Cloud Dashboard it is possible to keep the existing design of the layout while making it interactive and responsive to interactions.  

The image above represents football stadium layout. It also splits the layout into various sectors such as C07, B13, D05, etc. Each sector acts as a separate logical unit and loads seating map when user clicks on the section to allow individual seat reservation.

Here we can define custom overlay hover colors and various other effects in order to perfectly match your design requirements.

The image above represents expo venue hall layout that comes with alternative design variation. You can provide custom seat and row numbering as well as set up custom price for each seat. This layout can be preview in live here.

Price variations are also possible to implement, upon seat selection you can show a popup window where user is forced to select a ticket price, for example, for adult (general admission) ticket or a ticket for a kid. To learn more about pricing models you can refer to this page.

If you happen to design a layout with smaller number of seats, for example less than 1,000 seats per layout, then we can use fundamentally different approach for seat selection and booking.

The seat selection in section mode can be skipped entirely. As you can see on the image above the layouts loads seats instead of zones directly to the website ticket buyers. This method speeds up seat selection and provides better user experience. 

Another alternative solution is to use the system for space or area reservation. The image above shows venue map example, where ticket buyers can reserve different area within the venue for specific date.

Ballroom, sun decks near the pool or a lawn for pick-nicking.


The image above shows example of the layout to do beach sun deck, umbrella reservation.

Mobile optimized

Please note that all layouts come with additional parameters for mobile screen optimization. Depending on the layout size you may need to adjust certain configurations for optimal layout preview.

After integration

After the layout integration is finished we can transfer the layout to your MyTicket Cloud Dashboard so that you can adjust pricing and other configurations independently. It is also possible request partial integration for test purposes.