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Create this contest to attract multiple designers to work on your task.

What to expect?

Multiple designers will join this contest and compete in order to submit best design ideas. By the end of the contest you will have a fully functional WordPress website with one professionally designed landing page.

The website will be equipped with forms and other necessary elements ready for production. It will also come with multiple pre built pages as a free demo package.

All elements can be modified in live with the help of latest WordPress editor backed by React JS framework.

Framework ensures that created landing page is optimized for performance out of the box.

The purpose of this contest is to help you find best industry creatives and establish long term collaboration with the winner of this contest.

The winner is defined by your sole decision.

How does it work?

Kenzap has verified thousands of applications before allowing designers to participate in the contest. You can work peer to peer with each designer individually however it usually takes more time to reach desired goals. With the help of design contest multiple designers from different countries submit their design ideas based on your landing page brief.

How to choose finalist?

Within 3-5 days you will have multiple landing designs summited by different designers. You simply choose one that you like most and the finalist will receive the award.

How to start contest?

Simply click on continue button and answer contest questions accurately.

Still having questions? Contact us directly or check FAQ tab.

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