Introducing a straightforward solution tailored for any F&B business looking to either digitise their menu for dine-in customers or seamlessly accept orders online, process payments, and efficiently manage deliveries.

This versatile solution caters to a wide range of establishments, including:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bistros
  • Brasseries
  • Hawkers and warungs
  • Street food stalls
  • Bars or pubs
  • Bakeries
  • Pizza restaurants
  • Kebab places

Digital Menu

You can easily define all your products directly in the cloud. There's no need to set up WordPress or install plugins; everything is already automated. You can configure product prices, variations, upload images, and provide descriptions for your menu items.

As an illustration, the example above showcases a menu from a Japanese restaurant in Singapore.


Effective stock and inventory management are critical aspects of any F&B business. Keeping a close watch on ingredients and supply products is essential to prevent business disruptions and issues related to out-of-stock items.

Kenzap QR menu simplifies inventory management by enabling you to:

  • Upload inventory items easily.
  • Adjust stock quantities as needed.
  • Specify stock units, whether in kilograms, grams, items, or litres.
  • Set up notifications to alert administrators when stock runs low.
  • Provide supply prices, which can be utilised to generate unit economics reports for individual meals.

You can link inventory items to individual meals, with automatic write-off capabilities. This feature allows you to stay informed about critical supply shortages and maintain a high level of transparency in tracking your F&B business activities.


The design, interior, and the distinctive ambiance of your brand are some of the most crucial elements that not only draw customers in but also ensure their return.

It's equally vital to effectively translate these aspects into the digital space. Kenzap QR menu offers a wide array of customisation options, encompassing:

  • Tailored checkout experiences
  • Personalized color schemes
  • Options for descriptions, titles, and tagging
  • Category-based navigation
  • Custom payment providers

These features empower you to maintain the unique and inviting atmosphere of your establishment in the online realm.

Different Table Modes

  • Live preview editing system
  • High performance loading pages
  • Jamstack architecture
  • Open source codes HTML nunjucks, CSS, JSON, Javascript
  • A whole set of free libraries and layouts

Live Orders

With the help of E-Commerce dashboard, you can not only receive orders and view them directly on your iPad or other devices but also manage order statuses, make edits, and access table booking numbers.

Furthermore, the dashboard offers valuable additional information, such as menu item custom selections like toppings, sauces, and rice types, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your orders.

You also have the flexibility to customise orders by adding or removing individual items, or apply discounts by value or percentage just before proceeding to checkout.

Table Mode

Regardless of your preferred operational mode, whether it's attaching QR stickers directly to the table or generating new QR code receipts for each order, you can seamlessly transition from E-commerce dashboard mode to table mode. This allows you to update order statuses in a more intuitive manner.

Call Waiter

When a custom order is placed, customers can track the order preparation in real-time directly from their mobile devices. Importantly, there's no need to download an additional mobile application. The customer ordering process is cross-platform and functions smoothly in any modern browser.

The "call waiter" feature is particularly cherished by many F&B outlet operators. It enables instant responses to custom client requests and facilitates notifications sent directly to the E-commerce dashboard.

Order Aggregation

Certain F&B establishments, particularly those accommodating large groups seated at the same table, can encounter challenges in managing orders from various devices and different times.

Fortunately, the QR menu simplifies this process through its order aggregation function. With this feature, the kitchen ensures no items are overlooked, as new additions seamlessly aggregate into the same order and are distinguished by a distinct color highlight.

Multi Language

There are no restrictions on the number of languages to which a menu can be localised. Your users can enjoy a multilingual environment when viewing your menu online.


Some F&B owners may prefer to operate their business and manage orders in their native language. Our E-Commerce and QR menu dashboards are fully localised, allowing employees to set their preferred language for a highly accessible and localised user interface experience.

Mobile Friendly 

Even checking your portfolio from an old iPhone 5s. It will look equally perfectly an all screen sizes.

Lightning Fast

One of the pivotal metrics increasingly emphasised by search engines today is website performance. Even with exceptional content, your chances of appearing at the top of search result pages diminish if your website's performance is lacking.

At Kenzap Cloud, we place as much importance on performance as we do on the user interface. Swift performance stands as one of the critical metrics that enhance the overall user experience and lead to fewer page drop-offs.

From top to bottom, Kenzap Cloud is meticulously designed to operate at high speed, with every piece of code organised to ensure optimal performance.

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Transparent Pricing

There are no additional charges for extra features; we offer a single flat subscription fee that remains the same regardless of your business requirements or usage strategy. You can get started by exploring some of our blog posts:

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