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Simple and free solution for any F&B business that either wants to provide a digital version of their menu for dine-in customers or to accept orders online (both for dine-in and remote)

This solution can be used by:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bistros
  • Brasseries
  • Hawkers and warungs
  • Street food stalls
  • Bars or pubs
  • Bakeries
  • Pizza restaurants
  • Kebab places

List menu in the cloud

You can define all your products directly in the cloud. There is no need to setup WordPress and install plugins everything is already automated. You can set up product price, variations, upload images and provide description of your menu items.

The example above demonstrates menu example of a Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

Customizable Feel and Look

Different Table Modes

  • Live preview editing system
  • High performance loading pages
  • Jamstack architecture
  • Open source codes HTML nunjucks, CSS, JSON, Javascript
  • A whole set of free libraries and layouts

Live Orders

Not only you can receive orders via the dashboard and view them directly on your iPad or other devices but also manage statuses, do order edits, get booking table number.

The dashboard also provides additional information menu item custom selections as toppings, sauces, rice types, etc.

Super Responsive

Even checking your portfolio from an old iPhone 5s. It will look equally perfectly an all screen sizes.

Lightning Fast

Many template vendor state that their website is SEO optimized, however, if you check site performance metrics this is usually a false marketing statement. One of the key emerging metrics used by search engines these days is website performance. Even with great content on board you chances to show up first in search result pages fade. 

Kenzap Cloud has developer a brand new infrastructure that allows websites to perform blazingly fast even with slow internet connections and distant location. Every piece of code is organized in a way to work fast.

You can also find a free guide under this page: https://kenzap.com/post/launching-qr-code-ordering-system-for-hawkers-821606/

Feel free to ask any question to our support team here: https://kenzap.com/qr-code-menu-ordering-system/#latest