– Talent Marketplace. How to Earn & Get Started?

Unlike other popular online freelance resources focuses exclusively on IT related services to safely connect businesses and talented people on long-term basis across the globe.

The marketplace is an open platform where two sides can collaborate the way they find it most convenient for them without any restrictions related to the use of messaging tools and data exchange mechanisms. services cover various categories, some of them are shown in the list below:

  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Programming & Software Development
  • IT Support & Outsource
  • Chatbots
  • Databases
  • Cloud & Hosting
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Management & Virtual Assistance

Before You Begin

In case you are searching for small assignments and even part-time remote employment then is a place for you. Before you begin we recommend you define your top skills you are strong at and types of work you would like to offer fitting one of the categories mentioned above.

Do not try to copy other offers published on the marketplace but rather create an offer that has a competitive advantage and is unique. For example, instead of creating an offer I will create an Android mobile app for you one can write Android app development and Play Market publishing.

Read this Marketplace Listing Title Guidelines for more details.

Who Can Join

Kenzap marketplace is open to anyone willing to earn online but we impose certain restrictions to ensure that minimum quality requirements are met.

We may ask for additional information to verify your level of expertise. This may be:

  • A reference letter from your employer.
  • A verifiable online resource that lists some of your works. For example, link to play market or dribble account.
  • Notable achievements.
  • University diploma.
  • Publishing articles. In case you do not have any you can create it under Kenzap publications.

Reach us through help center if you have any questions here.

Getting Started

Now that you know some basics it is time to create your first offer. Go to my account by clicking on the button below.

Then go to My Offers section and click on Create New Offer button as shown on the image below. - listing first offer, dashboard

In the popup window provide Title and Short Description of your offer.

Create Offer

Now you can start entering additional information into the offer.

Create freelance offer - choosing category

Your offers are automatically translated into multiple languages but it is recommended that you translate them yourself. This will ensure that your translations are more accurate. In addition to that you can variate offers depending on the locale you choose to provide better user experience for your target audience.

English offer listing is mandatory and you first need to fill in the information in English in order to get your offer published. Other languages are optional.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Title – show up everywhere where your offer is displayed including search engines.
  • Short description – short version of long description.
  • Long description – main area where you describe your offer in details.
  • Images – at least one image is required to publish the offer.
  • YouTube – videos can be better in delivering your message to the audience compared to images. Use video link to override image settings.
  • Features – features help differentiate price offers. For example, more expensive price offers can have more features included. Features are used under Price Offers section.
  • Price Offers – you can have one or multiple price offer variations. In case you have multiple price variations use features to differentiate the offer.
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions can help visitors convert into customers faster. Answering most demanding questions will also reduce customer communication time thus will save your time as well.

At the end of offer creation set status setting to Published in the top of the page and hit save button in the bottom. It takes around 24 hours for your oder to be translated and published under marketplace.

Important! Offer might be suspended in case profile data is not filled in. Please refer to the next section.

Save freelance offer - dashboard

Your Profile

Do not forget to fill in your profile data accurately. Provide your profile image (avatar), bio, links to social networks, current location and contact details. You potential customers will reach you through WhatsApp, Telegram or Line messenger before placing an order. Your offer won’t be published unless this information is provided. dashboard screenshot - filling in profile information.

Still have questions? Get through Listing Your First Offer with Kenzap article or contact us through help center here.