Your First Kenzap Listing – Getting Started

1. Activate Talent Account

In order to create your first listing on Kenzap marketplace active your talent account by clicking on the button below.

2. Fill in Talent Profile Application

Make sure to complete these sections:

  • Profile – Avatar, First Name, Last name
  • Bio – Bio, About
  • Contacts – WhatsApp, Email
  • Listing – Provide title for your first service listing

After your profile is successfully filled in it will be publicly available under Kenzap pages.

3. Fill in Listing Details

You will be automatically redirected to listing editing page after talent profile application is completed.

In order to start review process and publish your listing to the marketplace you need to provide the following information:

  • Category – used by marketplace to tag and find your listing.
  • Title – is shown whenever your service is listed or searched.
  • Short Description – used by search engines to preview your service outside marketplace.
  • Long Description – previewed under main listing page.
  • Images – describe service visually.
  • Price Packages – used to differentiate price offers.

3.1. Define Features & Price Packages

Kenzap service features listing example

Every listing must specify features. Features are used for price variations. For example, based on the above listing there are 3 different features:

  • 1 design variation
  • 3 design variations
  • 3 free revisions

If you define two price packages, for example:

  • Starter Package
  • Pro Package

You can include “3 free revisions” feature for both of these packages while “1 design variation” can be only included under Starter Package and “3 design variations” under Pro Package.

3.2. Upload Images

Uploading Images to Kenzap Listing

Regardless the service type you provide images are one of the best ways to describe your listings. Consider providing good quality graphics that exclusively describe your service.

3.3. Create FAQ Section (optional)

When your listing gets more traction you may experience more questions from potential customers. Unfortunately sometimes it is not enough to describe everything under description section as some customers may not read it completely.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section is a good workaround here as it provides on the fly preview of most popular questions in one place. Consider filling up this section in order to help your potential customer get answers to questions before they even try to reach you.

3.4. Publish Listing

Once your listing is completed it is placed in Draft mode. Change listing status from Draft to Publish and hit on Save Changes button to start review process.

Our review team will verify your listing and provide feedback where applicable.

4. Create Alternative Listings (optional)

Creating alternative listings might be a good way to attract more customers. For example, as a designer you may consider creating separate service listings for logos, flyers and banners.

In fact, the more specific listings are the more chances you find highly targeted audience and convert them into customers.

Here are some examples of how you may transform your listing services:

  • Logo Design Service > Vegan Restaurant Logo Design Service
  • Flyer Design Service > Eye-catching Night Club Flyer Design Service
  • Banner Design Service > Festival Banner Design Service
Kenzap marketplace creating first offer - my account screenshot

Go to My Account > Listings and click on Create New Listing button. This will trigger a popup window as shown below.

Kenzap marketplace creating first offer

Provide title and description of your service. Once done click on Create button. Then follow steps as described under “Fill in Listing Details” paragraph.

5. Avoid Rejections

Most of the listings get rejected. Most common reasons include:

  • Keyword stuffing in titles. Follow this guide to learn more.
  • CAPITAL letters.
  • Missing contact details such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Should be provided under My Account > My Profile section.
  • Profile image does not belong to real person.
  • Contact details are provided under listing rather than My Profile section.
  • Poor quality images.
  • Pricing packages do not describe services sold.
  • Copyright law violation.