E-ATA Carnet

A fully digitalised cloud-based system that provides an end-to-end customer journey during their ATA Carnet application process.

How to edit my ATA Carnet application?

I can not find an option to amend the application after submission.

My application has red Query badge status, what does it mean?

I can see red Query status text next to my application on the My Applications page of the E-ATA Carnet page.

How to view my applications in the ATA Carnet mobile app?

I can not link my applications with the mobile app of the CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE INTERNATIONALE.

How to cancel an application after its submission?

I am not able to find out how to cancel the application.

Why do I get "Please contact to get access to the portal" error?

When signing in to the E-ATA Carner portal the system returns a rejection message.