$50 Award for Fresh Kenzap Talents

We have this special offer for recent talent sign-ups. You are eligible for USD 50 to be deposited into your local bank account. Just follow these simple steps to receive the award.

  1. Ask two of your existing clients to make payment for your services via Kenzap Marketplace (you need to have your listing accepted for this purpose).
  2. The client’s country of origin should be different than your own.
  3. The total amount processed should be more than USD 100.
  4. Program valid for 2 months since your sign up date.

Let us know

Drop us an email at talents@kenzap.com by sending us a link to your Kenzap profile, and we will do the rest. If you meet all the mentioned above criteria, we will deposit USD 50 to your Kenzap account and process the payout on 1-3 of the next month along with your other earnings.

You can learn more about the billing cycles under the terms of service.