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Adecor is a website that can solve problem of receiving and sending faxes without having fax-machine. Businesses can create their own relations betwen managers (the ones, who can manage fax-numbers, email addresses for notifications about faxes, private storages for saving all faxes, create accounts for their employees) and users (ones, who will manage all faxes which they are responsible for). Managers and users are receiving notifications by email about new faxes immediately they will reach. Users are able to forward faxes by email to anyone or only to a single email, which is allowed by manager. Managers can create, activate, deactivate, delete users. Top manager can do same with managers. Managers are creating special storage backets in BackBlaze (it can be done directly from website during adding new fax-number) for each number. They are setting up their own email by Mailgun service (it's also automated and handling from website) which is solving privacy problem of sending notification emails and emails with attached faxes. And the main thing is Twilio service, which is providing service of receiving and sending faxes. 

Website: https://fax.adecor.com/app/login