Web Applications

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eCommerce Platforms

Kenzap provides any complexity online store development. There are lots of open source platforms available on the market today that ensure development of online stores efficiency and professionalism. Kenzap is not only capable to create an online store from scratch but also to adopt and customise such a wide-spread open source platforms like Magento or Opencart according to your needs and requirements. Open source is flexible and extensible should you want to make changes or add new features in future this will not be a problem.

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Magento platform is popular among world famous brands. It is flexible and scalable solution for your online store. Advantage of this platform is a big market of extensions which allows you to integrate it with famous shipping companies, beside that you are able to automate payment processes by integrating it with Paypal, Visa, MoneyBookers and a lot of other payment services.

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Another open source platform suitable for small scale online stores

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Website Business Card

Small websites or as they are usually called a business card website is something that any company should have. A website is your presence in the Internet today. If you do not have a website, then you are not present online. Before establishing business relationships, customers usually rely on websites to evaluate company activities and to make up their minds about next steps towards your business. As you may know, first impression is the best impression and Kenzap`s priority is a website that will fall deep in mind as the work of art to every potential customer.

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Joomla is an enterprise-grade CMS (Content Management System) that can power anything from eCommerce stores with thousands of products to amateur blogs. Like WordPress, it is written in PHP and boasts a robust list of third-party plugins and themes. By some estimates, it is the second most popular CMS online after WordPress as well.

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We are thinking proactively. That means we are reusing as much as possible. We are offering development of website on WordPress. This platform is very flexible and allow seamless website upgrade. By means of this technology we will build core of your website and apply design above this core, so next time you will decide to change the look of your website there will be a need to only apply new graphics but business logic of website will be the same

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Drupal is the third-most favored CMS used online. Like Joomla, it is a robust CMS written in PHP with a thriving developer community that loves to create new extensions and plugins (called ‘modules’). It is supported by some of the brightest minds in the open-source community and boasts users as high profile as the Whitehouse (Whitehouse.gov). Drupal is far more developer-friendly than Joomla, which means your IT department will love it. It is also more scalable and faster than Joomla or WordPress.

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Whether it a small website or large e-store, Kenzap will provide a solution you can`t resist

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