Do you have a bunch of sick footage of your music video, but you don't know how to edit it and make it improve the vision of your song with trippy and glitchy VFX? Well, I got your back! I'm a video editor with around 5 years of experience and hundreds of videos edited for various people around the globe! I will analyze your song and videography style to make the video pop off in a unique way which will attract a lot of viewers. I would love to work with you to make your rap/trap/lo-fi/etc music video perfect.

What you need to provide me with:

  • Clips that you need to be edited. (B-roll is appreciated!)
  • Lyrics of the song (if you've paid for the addition of lyrics as a gig extra!)
  • The song itself (obviously!)
  • What kind of vibe you're looking for. (Lo-fi, RAP, Trap, Chill, etc)
  • Weather you want the video to have be edited heavily or have it be edited in a minimalistic and simplistic manner.