Some questions about the system

Hi!I looked over "Ticketing" and it really looks it might be a great fit for us!we're looking to create a ticket sales platform in Israel, where event organizers would be able to create their event and sell tickets for them.I got a few questions:I'd like to be able to manually approve requests for user who wish to become "event organizer" (the person who is creating an event and sells tickets via the system) and get the right role in the system in order to create events and sell tickets. is that possible? Is there a possibility to create kind of a profile page for every event organizer, where is possible to watch their upcoming events?Is it possible for an event organizer to insert a facebook pixel code in order to do some re-marketing for the event? or do I have to build it as a multi-site in order to do this?I saw there is a "follow" button. What does it do when a user presses it? Is it possible, for a fee of course, to get a white labeled app for Android?Is it possible in the app to allow an event organizer to access only their events? Any chance for an IOS app? and if not - in case we make something - could we just connect via REST API to the website and configure whatever needed or is there something else we should do?Is it possible to cancel the "ticket holder" option and just have all tickets under the name of the purchaser?Is there a dashboard for the event organizers? where can I see it?Is it possible to customize the event form?Does the event organizer have access (or can have access) to manage orders, create coupons and make refunds for example? or is it something we can configure?In some cases the event will have seating charts (BTW love you way it's built here!) and in some cases the customer will only choose how many tickets they want. 12. Is there a way to allow event organizer to choose weather they like to have seats or not?13. In order to have all the seating charts nicely done - we wish to create the seating charts by ourselves and allow event organizers to pic the desired seating charts (maybe from dropdown or another way?) Is that possible?Looking forward to hearing from you ,Thank you,Yuval