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I install plugins and I install demo data : it say it is sucessfull buy really it don't look like as a demo page. We don't have the madang_slider_widget

Demo data not allowed

When i tried to install demo dataa, it says i am not allowed to access this data.

requesting a refund

When i uploaded the theme onto wordpress following very closely all the instructions, i wasnt able to get the full theme. the Homepage as shown on the demo with all the pictures and data doesnt show up or work. i tested other themes and it worked perfectly.

please can i get. refund as its easier for me to just find another theme!


How to change header's colors

I'd like to change header's colors, I wanna put the header background in white and the letters in dark grey

Dummy content same as your theme

I need Dummy content same as your theme. I installed the theme and activated all plugins ,, I did imported contents but the dummy content is not available

i import dummy content but i didn't see content on my website


i import dummy content but i don't see content on my website

Error format blog


To see another problem we have in the template in the blog section, It has a right frame in which you can not remove, but you can not add any widget, in the widget section there is no possibility to attach image

First attempt at placing an order does not work

I am having an issue on checkout of meal-box subscriptions. When a new user/email not yet registered places and order, it shows an error but doesn't say what the error is but a new user account email is sent out. I then have to submit the order 1-2 more times for it to go through with test card.


LOGS: I'm seeing this error occurring quite regularly on both staging and production. The error does not occur when using one of WordPress default themes so this leads me and 2 other developers to think it's a Madang Theme issue.

[15-Jul-2022 07:49:47] WARNING: [pool] child 48 said into stderr: "NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_id() on null in /www/wp-content/plugins/subscription-box/includes/class-wcbab-subscription.php:207"


I'm also noticing slow performance and weird caching issues even when I clear the cache but the main issue it users not being able to checkout.

Please advise.

Does not send mail after a selling

Hi! After a selling a event the buyer dont receive anything. Why? All the plugins are ok and update. Thanks