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settings for the madang gallery

Cannot locate settings for mobile for the madang gallery. The text is falling off the block/grid into the other images...

mobile settings for madang banner

Madang banner is showing up half way on mobile, how to fix?

I need a refund.

The theme no longer works

setting for home header

On the main home page header, there is a white block overlaying the image. Where is the setting to remove this white overly.

Pre sale question

Hi Team,

I have some question regarding "Sayidan - University Alumni WP theme"

  1. When alumni register on your website, the admin receives an email notification
  2. I want to add the payment option in alumni registration form, Can we add our payment gateway and it's support.

Please let me know the ASAP

Thank You

Members Profiles not opening

How can i activate profile pages for members who register as Alumni?

MyTicket WordPress backend missing

Thanks for your product which lot of people seems to like

but I see a lot of things missing

1) I can't see tickets (log of ) in backend which should be like a must thing , no?

now relating to point 1)

1a) We can't see status of tickets which have been scanned or not

1b) We can't add tickets manually if we wish, which is most probably the case if someone is planning to use your solution for selling tickets

2) After installing you app it worked for two scan and then is stopped working

need help with installation or must ask for refund

this is not working for me either


Madang - Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition Demo Content Broken

The demo content doesn't install. The current version is broken. Please remediate this ASAP. Or I'll be issuing a chargeback like everyone else.

How can I fix Sayidan News Widget


How can i fix Sayidan News Widget so that I wouldn't have doubled up news at the top. I just want to remove this bigger news thing.

Thank you!