One stop solution for running tech conferences online with the ease of WordPress. Some of the cool features of this theme include:

  • 10+ predesigned banner layouts (with conference video snapshots on the main banner background).
  • 6+ built in gallery types with various hover and image preview effects.
  • Conference timeline keynote events elements.
  • Powerful multi user blogging functionality.
  • Conference FAQ, time left sections.
  • Multi day pass ticket point of sale.
  • QR-code PDF ticket ticket printouts.
  • WordPress backed by React JS. 

Various landing pages

Easily adjust colors, texts, buttons, font size, shape of the element, width and height. To customize this theme you do not need to become a coder. It is and easy and straightforward process. Add custom designed galleries, contact forms, timelines, blog posts etc. 

This theme is built on top React JS framework. Unlike conventional PHP approach you can can a much more roust and powerful elements to build your custom elements.

While this theme shares simple demo layouts it is actually compatible with hundreds of other layout types that you can add free of charge by simply installing one of these plugins:

All of these plugins are exclusively developed by Kenzap and are compatible with theme's design system. In addition to that these plugins have open source code and are verified by official WordPress core team. This means that you can avoid problems of third party codes with restricted licenses.

Auto Generated QR-code Tickets

In order to streamline the checkout process you can rely on PDF generation module. You can ask for user email upon checkout and send PDF tickets with custom design directly to users email address. These tickets can then be used to enter your event or conference day and even validated with the help of myticket event application which can be downloaded free of charge here:

Free Kenzap Cloud Demo

Check out free Kenzap cloud demo to see this product in action. You can try creating you first page or adjust existing demo content without any need to understand HTML language. Its easy and intuitive and yet it gives you all powers of Wordpress with access to its numerous plugins.

Enjoy nice and fresh looking design of this theme. 

Click on the pencil icon from this listings main image preview slider in order to start customizing this theme in live.

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