• Sunlight-activated Larvicides for Effective Mosquito Vector Control - image 1

Technology Overview

Global incidence of mosquito-borne diseases have grown dramatically in the last decade. A novel sunlight-activated larvicide has been developed from a plant source that is lethal and effective against Aedes mosquito larvae while remaining non-toxic to other non-translucent aquatic organisms and environment. Sunlight generates free radicals that are highly lethal and effective to kill larvae.

This larvicide could be a new eco-friendly solution in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and zika. It provides a new avenue for the control of the mosquito vector population by targeting the mosquito larvae before they become adult mosquitoes. 

Technology Features

  • The larvicide is derived from food-grade plant source and is environment friendly.
  • Modified by chemical synthesis to enhance its stability in the environment.
  • Effectively kills mosquito larvae in low concentrations; demonstrated through an NEA approved simulated field trial. 
  • The larvicide is activated by sunlight, but also demonstrate effective larvicidal activity on less sunny or cloudy days.
 Potential Applications
  • Mosquito vector control programme.  
  • This larvicide can be applied directly to mosquito breeding sites. 
  • Local pesticide manufacturers and distributers who prefers 'green' larvicide, derived from natural source.


  • Green and environmentally friendly.
  • Kills almost 100% of Aedes larvae.
  • Lethal to mosquito larvae at a low concentrations thus require very small dosages to be effective.
  • Harmless to non-translucent organisms, and thus safe for other aquatic animals to ingest.
  • Reduce the use of chemical pesticides and frequency for fogging.


  • This technology is available for licensing and technology transfer.