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I can help and assist you in  your growing business.  Your goal will also be mine.  I believe that knowing your company and your brand will help me create content especially for you.  Content is king and it has to be relevant to who you are, what is your brand and who are your target market,  If you are starting up a business, let me help you in social media management planning and let's execute it. Let me help you grow your social media.  I you have growing business, let's engage with your present market and customers and keep them happy and delighted all the time to make them come back and tell stories about their experience with us.

Your online presence and growth will be my priority.  Let me do it by being your social media manager and your general virtual assistant .

Being a Virtual Assistant specializing in Social Media, I am knowledgeable with the basic SEO as this is really an essential part of marketing and this has to go with content.

My long time services rate is $5 hourly and a package for $40 for a 3 day project.