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Today, with the help of artificial intelligence it is possible to automate processes that traditionally require human involvement.

With a general increase in today’s device processing power, it is possible to reproduce the human critical decision-making process mathematically.

One of the problems that organisations across a wide range of industries are facing is performing analogue measurement collection and digitalisation.

One of the examples can look the following way. A factory employee walks around different factory-installed machinery and collects analogue data from LCD of sensors, PLCs, and measurement tools to be then recorded in the IT system or excel reports.

The problem with this approach is that it is manual, prone to errors and sometimes impossible to accomplish due to the protective equipment of the employees.

Due to existing hardware or software limitations, it is also not possible to connect to the machinery directly or use an Internet connection to collect data programmatically. 

This leaves no option but to collect data manually and visually.


Kenzap Smart Vision solves this problem by relying on an AI-driven application to automatically collect and digitalise data on the fly when the camera is directed towards the LCD of the machinery.

With the help of OCR technology, it is possible to convert LCD-written texts into digital format.

Important to note is that the design of LCDs is always unique along with the patterns of the layout of the collected data.

Therefore Smart Vision comes with an additional module that is designed for instructing the system to understand the custom layout of each particular LCD.

As a result, the Smart Vision application generates a user-friendly and assistive UI for the employee. The UI asks for measurement value confirmation and instructs on what reading to take next.  

The final outcome is to generate an Excel spreadsheet or to directly integrate readings into a system.


Smart Vision use cases:
  • Analogue measurement data collection in large property measurement units.
  • Factory, automotive inspection reporting.
  • Electricity, and water consumption reporting.