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Demo content

I purchased Sekolah - Senior High School Wordpress Theme, but I did not receive the Demo content. please can you tell me how to get it . THANKS

Demo content is not working

Demo content is not working properly. The content will not load after uploading accurately and keeping all php values.

I tried this template about two months back and this problem did not occur, and I am using the same hosting and the same values. Could you please advise me where the error is, or send me the XML demo file?


How can i change the color of the banner background.

Currently its blue. I wanted some other color

Cannot add elements such as buttons to existing theme blocks

Hello, we are building a website using your theme here but we are running into an important limitation:

  1. Here we want to add a button below the headline but cannot find a way to do it
  2. Same here how can we add buttons below the 4 blocks of copy?

We basically want to be able to choose any of the available elements on the theme and to add elements such as buttons to it. For example to take this block from the original theme , remove some elements such as the numbers and add others such as a button.

How can I change where it's written Sekolah Senior High School to something else? I still haven't found a way to successfully do so.

I am trying to build a high school website with your theme but I don't know how to change the Navbar title from Sekolah Senior High School to the name of my client's school. Please help, thank you.

Mobile search problem

Hi. On mobile the search function not working. Pls help. Thanks

Teachers widget problem

I added a new teacher, and also I added a new category for this teacher. I create a new page with a teachers-widget. If I type category in the widget properties, in the page show all teacher. Why? Only display one teacher. Help pls, thanks

i can not finr the WRX (.xml) in zip folder

I purchased sekolah theme but i can not find the WXR to import. please help me

sekolah teme does not have the style.css

I purchased sekolah-senior-high-school-html5-template, but when trying to install I get an error: “Could not unzip the package. The theme does not have the style.css style sheet. The theme installation has failed.”

How to change the date format in Calendar backend?

Hello, the date format in the backend of Calendar module is not following the WP General Settings date format. It needs to be entered as m/d/Y but that’s not what I want. The correct format for our standards is d/m/Y. How can this be changed?

Thanks in advance.