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Directory Section not working

We cant load any person from the Directory section. If i try to open the preview i get you Not found site, and on the frontend of the directory site, where all persons should be listed ist, is nothing listed. What went wrong?

Best regards, Thomas

Database importing

Hello we have purchased the sayidan theme and we are checking if we can import a database that we already have to automatically generate users on our website.

is that doable?

There has been a critical error on this website.


when I installed your theme and try to start the site it gives me this error, i am WP hosting cloud.

is there I can do please.

best regards,

Demo data not installing

I can't upload demo content, will have to ask for a refund if not resolved

Where can I find the demo content?

Hi, I purchased the theme but it's not coming with the demo and the help documents show some other theme. Please help me to import the demo.

Getting warnings. Super Socializer plugin.

Hi why I'm getting these warnings?

Warning: Illegal string offset 'custom_css' in /Users/rahatayaz/Local Sites/adsm-alumni/app/public/wp-content/plugins/super-socializer/super_socializer.php on line 2518

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Tab feature for the committee members(annual-wise)


I m using this theme for our past pupil's association, and we have to showcase all executive committee members(picture and position). I m wondering how can I sort this matter year-wise on this theme.

I noticed there is a feature in your theme like a tab format for each element which is under "Program & Services" - Social, Professional and Intellectual, etc. If you can help to apply the same feature just for year-wise and to show kind of your gallery for each year with ex-committee members would be nice.

Waiting to hear from you soon,

Thanks in advance,

Shiran F

Edit header and change color


How can I disable the header of the theme or change the colors and the buttons on it as well to remove to logo?

All documentation about the header will be useful,

Thanks in advance.

Article category filtering problem, mixed up?


I need your help.

I am the website manager for

When accessing pages with certain categories, such as:

Why do posts from another categories also appear?

Event title did not change


I am the website manager for

i have changed Event Title in the Sayidan Blocks Widget, but it doesn't have any effect on the site.