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How do i add a "webmail" login button

I would like to add a button beside the login button on top right - a webmail button. How do i add it?

Format Sayidan Directory Headings to what I want

Hi Kenzap,

I have purchased the Sayidan theme and I am having some problems understanding the setup

  1. I will need help with complete setup documentation if possible
  2. I want to know how to edit the Directory Headings to what I want them to be, I will like to make some changes.

Removing join button from single event

How do I remove the Join Now Button? It is not needed for my purposes.

PRE-SALES QUEST: Business Directory Compatibility

I would like to know before I purchase if this plugin will be displayed properly with the Sayidan WP Theme.

I am interested in having the Business Directory listing show in place of the Career Opportunities section of the home page as seen in the demo.

Sayidan Widgets aren't present on the site

Sayidan Widgets are not in the import so can the files be provided so I can do the import manually ?

i cant install my demo data

i have been trying to install a demo data but i can't. your documentation isn't very explanatory for non-technical persons.

i await your feedback on what to do. (Steps on how to install the sayidan WordPress theme).

Making Sayidan installation resemble demo site

I installed the theme, but what I see doesn't at all resemble the demo site in terms of appearance, navigation, etc. What can I do to have similar aesthetics and functionalities. Thanks!

Slider button disappears on mobile

The Sayidan Slider button disappears on mobile device view, is this by design, or is it a bug? e.g.

How to delete or edit certain pages

Please i need help on how to edit or delete the attached highlighted page on the theme


The newsletter signup is not working. I have put in the form id from MC4WP but when I send an email from the form it does not get registered on the MailChimp list.