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No Content In Event Detail

Hi Kenzap Team,

I Have an issue,

I have created a new event, but suddenly, no content appears on the

detail page, the post appear on "upcoming event" section, but if you

click "join now" no content appears. Here the link :

I don't feel like I've made any changes to my website, help me please,

and thank you.


Hello, I purchased your theme named sayidan, but it has been a long time since support. I also delivered the job to my customer. But now I have a problem. My mobile menu is not working. The domain name is Can you help me solve this problem?

where can I see or read the installation guide

where can I see or read the installation guide?, I have installed it but it doesn't match the demo content

What can the site visitors (alumni) do on the site

Are they able to create their own profile with pics and info?

Can they submit articles?

Is there a forum they can chat on?

Can we have phone numbers and email addresses in the directory?

If all the above isn't available, are we able to add them seperately using plugins?

Donation Membership Due extention

Hello, I have yet to purchase this theme but very interested in it. Is there a compatable Fund/Donation type extention that works with this theme, maybe its internal or third-party that one can point us in to review?

I need a refund. Your theme doesnt work

I need a refund. Your theme doesn't work

Where can I find Customizer > Social Networks to remove [sayidan_twitter] shortcode from this page

The Super Socializer plugin is causing an error, 'There has been a critical error on this website', so I had to deactivate it, but then there's this line at the top of the page I can't seem to remove as the path indicated isn't visible on the page.

Please help out.

Thank you.

Can't send reset password to the members


I'm using Ultimate Member plugin but it doesn't sent reset password emails (no, it is not in a spam). How can I fix it?

I need help with dummy site. Looks different from yours

When I install and open Sayidan theme it doesn't have the same look as your example. There are no photos etc. And I don't see any instruction on how to install and next step. Can you please help with installation - or fist steps