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I started as a freelance article writer, way back when I was still in college—about 9 years ago. I have been able to write in various niches for different clients. Later on, I formed my own team of writers as more projects came in and became a project manager.


After being a writer, I worked as a Market Research Interviewer for a BPO company, Survey Sampling International, where we conducted surveys across the US about politics, healthcare, current events, and many more. While staying with the company, I got a couple of recognitions such as employee of the month, top producer of the month (twice), and top producer of the day (more than 30 times). Being in this line of work, I was able to greatly develop my verbal/oral English communication skills since I talk to a lot of native English speakers on a daily basis for more than a year.


After deciding to give up this job for a very important cause, I worked online again as a Virtual Assistant. I was then able to work on a lot of tasks such as data entry, transcription, reviewing books on Amazon, email marketing, customer support, website management, managing eBay store (drop shipping), technical recruiting, product searching, data research, sending cold emails, and a lot more. To add more, I have also held positions like team leader, project manager, and team manager.


My last full-time employment was with Dustin Hahn Tax Lien Certificate School where I worked as a General VA. I was tasked to create a database of properties that were included in different county auctions. We mostly focused on Ohio auctions but we also consider other State/ County auctions. I also look for information about properties with tax violations. Aside from that, I also list company expenses such as expenses from buying appliances from Home Depot and Best Buy. I also call utility companies to turn on/ cancel services for our properties. 


I am a highly dedicated employee and would see to it that I give my best work at all times. I can also learn and pick up easily and training me won't be a problem. I am the kind of person that won't stop until I get things done in an excellent manner.


I believe that my industry acquired experience and skills will allow me to be an asset to your company. Furthermore, I can easily communicate my thoughts which I believe is the most important factor in any line of work. Plus, with my "go-getter" attitude, I am sure that I will be a fine addition to your team.