problems to restore my raloco notes on my cell phone

TO: TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR RALOCO NOTES / KENZAPFrustrating Problems To Restore My Raloco Notes After Factory Reset Done On My Cell PhoneI need your assistance to RESTORE my prior Raloco Notes on my Samsung Galaxy A10E. It is an Important File of My Passwords. I follow instructions from Raloco Notes / Kenzap but I keep getting the SAME 4X Error Messages again & again !! Can you explain why this is happening ?? 4X ERROR MESSAGESx I cannot restore my KenZap Raloco Notes from My Files Section on my Cell Phone. I saved the DataBase File (.db), but cannot restore it !! error msgs say the database is locked it tells me to insert my SD Card -- but my SD Card is already inserted into my Cell Phone !! ERROR MESSAGES 4X:x database is locked.x transfer is locked.x please insert SD card.x search the playstore ?? you don't have any apps installed that can open this file. You can search for one in the Play Store. BUT RALOCO NOTES IS ALREADY INSTALLED ON MY CELL !!! Raloco Notes cannot recognize the BackUp DataBase File (.db) I saved on my Cell Phone & it is NOT able to open Raloco Notes on my Cell Phone to restore my prior DataBase File !! ANNA