Raloco Notes

Raloco notes, or color notes is a popular Android application that helps to keep your thoughts in a more organized and beautiful way.

Privacy requested

I just want to know if my notes will be accessible to the public by signing in with my facebook? Because i don't want to share my notes,..

Colo puedo recuperar mis notas

Cambie mi dispositivo el otro ya no encendio y quiero recuperar mis notas

I deleted wrong note

How can I recovered a deleted note??? Please 😭

How to recover removed notes?

I initiated session on an other phone and deleted all data in previous phone, but I cant get my previous notes, this notes are very important for me, is there a way I can get them back?

My notes don't appear

I recently installed the app on my device and it won't let me sync my account to get my notes back.

How to restore a subscription when migrating to a new device?

I again recently subscribed to your app. I had it on my old phone - Sony XA Ultra & am now wanting to use it on a Samsung Galaxy A11...that's why I subscribed & opened a cloud acccount.

Pls teach me how to get my PAID version on my Samsung A11.

I tried following tutorials on Google but what I am getting is the unsubscribed app.

How do I transfer my old notes from Sony Experia XA Ultra to a Samsung Galaxy A11 & use my PAID (Php109) app?

I am changing over from....

An Android to a iPhone 14 Plus and I was hoping that there's some way I can still use y'all's app on my iPhone because I have been with y'all for a few years now and I love yalls."RALOCO NOTES" !!!...It's the best!!

email you should have and I will continue to check here to see if y'all have answered me ...or I should have an old email and I could send you my new number if you need....just let me know please thank you!

Happy New Years to everyone at Raloco Notes

Sincerely, Lisa W. Weldon

I cannot unlock the additional colors and fonts.

Do you have any ideas on how I can unlock the rest of the fonts and colors? My phone tells me I can subscribe, but then whenever I hit subscribe nothing happens.

How to resume paid subscription?

I been using Raloco Notes (The Paid Version for along time and now I'm on the Beta and it doesn't give me ALL the colors and color changes, that's the main reason I pay and use Raloco Notes but now it has most of the color choices with a lock and won't change....

Is there anyway you can tell me how to fix this because I mind paying to have those options?.

Thank you so much

No puedo usar todos los fuentes y colores desde que cambie de celular

  1. Cambie de celular y no puedo usar las fuentes y colores, tengo un Xiaomi red mi 11, Android 12