Kenzap QR Menu

Open space to ask questions or suggest improvements related to QR ordering system.

Creating add-ons, price variations

We need to add toppings and portion size to some dishes on the menu, see image for details.

How to unite same table orders into one?

We need to allow multiple users to scan the code of the same table and allow updating existing orders instead of creating new ones. What are the steps to do this?

How to add happy hours promotions?

We need to set up recurring discounts every Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday from 15:00-17:00. Is it possible?

How can I get updates about existing order updates?

How can I get updates about existing order updates?

Low on stock product updates?

Is it possible to get low on stock product updates?

How to prevent users from ordering out-of-stock products?

We need to prevent users from ordering out-of-stock products.

Is it possible to connect Foodpanda and Deliveroo?

Is it possible to sync orders from Foodpanda or Deliveroo directly into the E-commerce > orders page?

How connect Bluetooth printer to print receipts?

Where can I find Bluetooth printer configurations to print receipts, and checks from the system?

Monthly accounting financial reports

Where can I generate accounting reports for my restaurant for a whole month or just a day period?

How to add tax calculations (GST)?

Currently, there is no tax added when the user is checked out. How can this be fixed?