Remote Control Truck

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Remote Control Truck that Earns network provides access to control real toy cars, trucks, boats, drones from almost any place in the world in live. The radio controlled cars are equipped with high speed and quality video cameras and small but powerful PCB boards that ensure fast data processing speed and minimal network latency. Now you can become a part of next generation video gaming industry simply buying our ready to run remote control truck. Once connected it immediately becomes available to a growing community of more than 50 000 RCWorld members or just anyone in the world that want to connect to it using RCWorld API or one of publicly available mobile apps. The connection price for one minute is usually within 0.10$ – 1$ per minute.



When vehicle is intended to run under different terrains, weather conditions and daylight time everything matters. Size, suspension, clearance, wheels, transmission construction, engine, controllers, camera position, and many other things were taken into consideration and tested once the final Truck was born. It consists from the following components. Everything that is needed to start your truck running within a couple of minutes.

  • small computer intended for video processing and control
  • strong metal case
  • long range WiFi with high gain antenna
  • high clearance base with rear wheel drive and simplified differential system
  • wide angle video camera
  • charge connectors
  • 12600 mAh Li-Ion batteries (ensures up to 20h non stop race)
  • voltage regulator
  • engine, servo, tires and other small stuff
  • autonomous charger module
  • reconfigured WiFi router

Infrastructure Deployment

The minimum requirement to run a Truck is to physically limit some area that has finite WiFi range. You may not allow users to go anywhere they want unless you have Internet connection there. The truck is capable of running using mobile Internet connection, but this technology is not yet ready for sale because of its limitations in different countries. It may happen that you already hove some racing track for radio controlled cars. On this occasion, you may connect your track to RCWrold network and start earning day and night from your track without downtime. It is not necessary to supervise your track on place because every failure is operated by our servers and you are immediately informed once something happens. For example, physical or electronic failure or when your truck is stuck. You do not need to change batteries as the charge process is autonomous. If the battery is getting low the truck will go to charge by itself and no one can connect to it during this process. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


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  • One of the most popular ways RCWorld Trucks are used for is money earning. If you have some wonderful place that you would like to share with the rest of the world the truck is for you. The prce for one minute of race may vary depending on popularity of your track but usually it is in the range of 0.10$-1.00$ per minute. Running time for one truck is up 20h. Charge time take 4h.
  • You can use for remote surveillance. You may isolate RCWorld truck from our community so only you may connect to it from any place in the world.
  • Promote your hotel, cafe of event. Imagine live streets view that allows anyone to connect to your place, explore it and get more familiar.
  • Use your existing tracks to generate money from online users.

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It all depends on your instruction and number of trucks.

  • one truck base cost 250$
  • one truck electronics costs 250$
  • router costs 70$
  • autonomous charger module costs 50$

The total price for one ready to run truck is 620$. One router can handle 10 devices simultaneously and one one charger module is enough for 2 trucks. If you would like to buy 10 trucks it will cost you 5320$.

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The truck is extremely reliable to run at least one year without any failure, but if something happens you can always buy some failed element from your local shop. The truck is based on popular traxxas model so every part can be replaced. In case of electronics of battery failure, we can always send you a new one.

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If you happen to enter some lake or bypass the river the truck will most likely brake down. All the components inside the truck are water resistant except main computer. Despite this fact you may be complete safe to control it under raining or snowing conditions.

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You will have an API access once truck is bought. Statistics and earned money withdrawals can be processed there.

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First Truck pre-sales are now officially open. Request to get more info.

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Project Name Truck

Raloco RC
Real World RC
Racing Game App

At least 10Mbits stable Internet connection, electricity, area restriction or fence.

Fault tolerant
Capable of running under rain or snow
Autonomous charging
Run time up to 20h
Powerful transmission system
High clearance

Replacement Parts

Launched on
December 03, 2015