MF Elite

August 22, 2015 no comments Alex

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MF Elite – Food Delivery

Muscle Factory Kitchen Android app preview
Muscle Factory Kitchen Android app preview

MF Elite is a division of famous Muscle Factory movement. Its brand is well known  in cinematographic area and got a Youtube award. MF Elite is intended for those athletes who is interested in every day progress and faced challenging problems of cooking, storage and transporting food. Kenzap Ltd created and developed one of the directions Muscle Factory Kitchen or MF Elite. Our food and approach emerged on the basis of empirical research and analysis of the proposed product on the market today, and was tested be the team of athletes and nutritionists. Muscle Factory do not accept E supplements in food as well as other substances that can be harmful to human health. Muscle Factory is the new generation of athletes with a modern, developing views without outdated stereotypes. Download the app, create custom menu of the day, calculate calories, fats and other important details.

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Project Name
MF Elite

App Store link

Play Market link

Skills for project
Interface design, iOS, Android, Vector graphics

Technologies used
Swift, Java, PHP, Mysql, Tomcat

Launched on
August 10, 2015