Falling Skies

July 26, 2014 no comments Alex
Falling Skies iPhone game
Falling Skies iPhone game

It was in early nineties, when video game consoles started to gain popularity. Even though computing power capabilities were much lower those days as well as computer graphics was not as powerful as it is today vide games still succeeded to attract millions of people around the globe. Kenzap Ltd developers are among those that were attracted.

Putting together inspiration and latest trends of 2014 a new app called Falling Skies was created. From the very first day if its creating it started to attract gamers. One may wonder what so special about it, so here it is: The Falling Skies is about being flying alone on a spaceship and fighting enemy starships. Popular video game consoles of nineties shaped the design of spaceships and general graphics of the game. The longer flight lasts and more enemy starships damaged the higher score you get. Thy Falling Skies available on app store today and feel the trend.

Project Name
Falling Skies

App Store link

Skills for project
Interface design, iOS, Vector graphics

Languages used
Objective C

Launched on
July 23, 2014