ESC Servo Controller

June 4, 2014 no comments Alex

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ESC & Servo Controller

Android phone USB Arduino connection.
Android phone USB Arduino connection.

Beside being one of the most popular mobile platforms today the integration of Android OS has also started in consumer electronics and even some automation projects. Kenzap Ltd has developed a demo version of ESC Servo Controller App to show how easy it is to stat using your own phone in a way it was not intended to be in the begging. To make things as transparent as possible, the complete and working source code has been published to Github under Kenzap nickname. To run this project yourself you need the following:

  • Android phone with USB Host support (in simple works this mode allows your device to act as a Server when connecting other devices, like keyboard or mouse).
  • OTG USB Cable (usually available in any PC shop).
  • Arduino board like Arduino Leonardo (a board with Atmega microprocessor).
  • Some Servo motors or ESC with brushless motors.

For better representation see the image below:

  1. Android phone.
  2. OTG USB cable.
  3. Normal USB cable.
  4. Arduino board.
  5. ESC controller.
  6. Brushless motor.
  7. 3 cell Lipo battery to power ESC and motor.
Example elements to run project sample
Example elements to run project sample


Start using

Before you start using this app demo make sure you followed the requirements above and performed steps below in the correct order:

  1. Download Arduino programm (Controller.ino) from Github and upload it to Arduino board.
  2. Install ESC & Servo Controller app from Google play on your Android device.
  3. After install exit app, and connect USB OTG cable that is connected to Arduino board.
  4. The program should popup with “Port opened” message.
  5. Start moving sliders and check if TX RX LEDs are blinking on Arduino board.
  6. connect servo or ESC signal wire (usually white color) to, for example Arduino pin 2, and black wire to Arduino GND pin.
  7. If program does not popup then either your phone does not support USB host mode or you have not connected a valid OTG USB cable.

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ESC & Servo Controller

Android app link

GitHub link

Youtube link

Skills for project
Interface design, Android OS, USB basics, PCB wiring, Arduino programming, ESC and servo communications

Languages used
Java, C++

Launched on
June 4, 2014[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]