Color Reminders

March 11, 2016 no comments Alex
Color Reminders main app screen
Color Reminders main app screen

It finally happened and there is now a full stack of productivity apps developed by Kenzap Ltd: Raloco Notes, Color Checklist and Color Reminders which is all you need in your everyday life. With the help of Color Reminders one can store a list of to-do things in an easy and beautiful manner; organise tasks by time, color etc; customize every reminder separately; make backups and restore points; set any reminder time; search notes and reminders by voice. Color reminders is not the first app on the market that solves similar problems but its unique beautiful design and extremely simple to use user interface is the most important aspect considered during development. We love to create app that people like. Successful growth of Raloco Notes and Color Checklist results in a new Color Reminders app.







Project Name
Color Reminders

Color Reminders on Play Market

Skills for project
Interface design, Android, Vector graphics

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Launched on
March 10, 2016