Raloco Color Notes Application

May 15, 2014 no comments Alex

Color Notes App logo Kenzap Ltd developed free text editing app for those Android users that need at least these four things for good using experience: security, simplicity, nice looking interface, reliability.

You may find various text editing apps today either in app store or play market, but almost every app requires Internet permission, that means that your notes may be hijacked absolutely any time without notice. If security is your concern use Raloco Notes developed by Kenzap Ltd.

What does Custom, Color, Modified, Created means?

You may have seen a drop down menu on top of notes interface that contains such words: Custom, Color, Modified, Created. These are the different sorting methods of your notes list. Just select it once and it will become as your default sorting method in future. If you have selected Custom option, then you can change order of your notes manually. Just long press on a desired note and click move on top to make your note appear first in the list.

Create and save my note.

Just press plus icon on the top bar of Raloco Notes interface to create a new note. Double tap to start editing, write something down and press back button to save your note and and once more to return to main menu. You can reprogram this feauture and make it as one action in settings menu.

Font style & size

Go to Raloco notes main menu, then settings and you will see Font style and Font size option. Select one to change font.

Export note

To export your note open it, go to extra menu and click share, a txt file format, which is a simple plain text file format will be created. You will then be able to send this file by email or other installed on your device application.

Import note

When your device receives a txt file, Raloco Notes distinguishes it and will provide you an option to open it.

Import/Export all notes

Sometime you may happen to migrate all your notes from one device to another. Because we do not ask for Internet permission, we may not automate this task so your notes are stored as secure as possible. Before you continue go to Import/Export menu available from apps main screen window and backup all your notes. Lets call your backup file RalocoBackup. In order to manually migrate all your notes please install some file manager on both of your android devices. For example, here is the link for the File Manager App. With the help of this app please locate one of this folders with your backup file:

Copy RalocoBackup and send it to your new device by any means more preferable for you. Once your new device receives this file, make sure you already have Raloco Notes and File Manager installed on it. Put RalocoBackup file to the one the following folders:


Once done, open Raloco Notes, go to Import/Export and find RalocoBackup from your restore points. Click on it and your notes are back and safe with you again!

Project Name
Raloco Notes


Skills for project
Interface design, Social marketing, advanced knowledge of Android OS

Technologies used
SQLite, Java.

Launched on
May 12, 2014