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October 30, 2014 no comments Alex
Color Keyboard App Screenshot
Shiny Key – Color Keyboard App Screenshot

Kenzap Ltd is about to be the first to publish innovative iOS8 color keyboard software on market. Keyboard is one of the most popular ways of how people interact with the devices along with fact that it is being used on the every day basis. That is why is should be customizable. Shiny Key keyboard overrides possibilities of a standard Apple keyboard giving you the possibility to adjust its colours. You can select colour of keyboard keys and keyboard background from predefined themes just depending on your mood. Find your favorite color theme in one click.This software was specially designed for latest iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus and is backwards capable with previous iPhone versions.

Project Name
Shiny Key – Color Keyboard App

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Skills for project
Interface design, iOS8, Vector graphics

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Launched on
October 28, 2014