Are you looking for ORIGINAL FREE ROYALTY MUSIC for your projects? You come to the right place! I make the most creative, most authentic, and most ALIGNED to YOUR VISION music. I can do any kind of vibes that you need. Good, dark, creepy, pshycedelic, and many more!

Just provide me with one refference, and i'll do the rest!

My packages:

  • Short music (Up to 60 sec) - Good for jingle, podcast intro, youtube intro, and logo intro.
  • Full song (As long as you want) - Best fit for singer/rapper, theme song and background music.

All packages included:

☑ Original Music
☑ Commercial Use
☑ Mixing and Mastering
☑ Separate the tracks / stems(If needed)

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message at any time! 

Here's the link of my previous short music works:

Here's the link of my previous song works:
Hiphop and trap:
Chill and Lofi:

Here is the link of my other work samples:

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Looking forward to have a great project with you !
Best Regards