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Services I do:

-Music transcription: I turn your audio recording into music notation or MIDI

-Formatting: I optimize your music score for print - including part design, proofreading/cross-checking, etc.

-Arranging: I rebuild your music for a different source - rewriting an orchestral piece for piano solo, rewriting a pop song for string quartet, or adding harmonies to an existing melody, for example

-MIDI programming: Authentic MIDI files for piano parts, drum parts, synth parts, etc. that you can put right in your productions. Complete with velocities, pitch bends, mod wheel automation, etc. where practical.

-Synthesia tutorials: You've seen those cool videos where the notes fly down to the keyboard? I can make those.

-Editing: not confident you've composed everything the best way? I can make subtle tweaks to bring out your creative voice in the most authentic manner...or simply just proofread it for accuracy.

-Production: In case all those little bits are not of use to you...I can put it all together in a single mixdown.

- Audio Editing/Polishing & Post Production.

- Editing and Post Producing Podcasts, Audio Books, Interviews, etc.

- Audio Restoration, Noise Canceling, Leveling and Fixing Damaged Audio.

- Piano/Keyboards Performance.

Please reach me out first before placing an order.