Price List

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Simple Mobile Apps

Blog Catalog Photo App
Android €300 €300 €350
iOS €400 €400 €500
Windows Phone €200 €200 €250
*App support is required on monthly basis, €0.005 per user installation.

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Unlike websites or corporate software where support is required on demand mobile applications need to be updated and maintained in constant time intervals at least for two reasons. Firstly, non updated applications for a long period of time are considered outdated by mobile platform manufacturers. Secondly, new applications should respond to user feedback and be improved according to it as soon as possible. Not complying with these requirements will eventually result in poor user experience and low application download rate. You may want to read official Google documentation regarding this issue. For small and new applications, the update interval usually should take within 1-4 months. The price per update is €50-€100 depending on modification level.

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Website development

Small website E-stores Informative portals Custom Idea
WordPress €300 €600 €600
Magento €400 €400 €500 €1000+
OpenCart €200 €200 €250
*Price includes website structure, design creation and content management system integration.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]The structure and design of basic Website or E-shop can be created within 5 working days. The price also includes content management system integration, with the help of which content modification, photo or document upload is an easy task for non computer professionals. The fully functional website deployment consists of the following steps:

  1. Design and logo creation (included)
  2. Structure, menu creation (included)
  3. Content management system integration (included)
  4. Articles, photos, videos creation (see below)
  5. Language translations (see below)
  6. Domain registration and hosting (see below)

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Content Management

Article (300-500 words) Post (10-50 words + photo) E-mail design Animated video Telephone support
€300/article €200/post €200/email €300/min €5/hour
*The minimal order for article creation is 3 times.

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Kenzap can manage and create new content for websites, blogs and e-stores. Professional copyright article writers will create search engine friendly, interesting and qualitative texts according to your business specificity.

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Cloud & Domain Registration

Starter plan Standard plan Custom plan
Cloud service €5/month €15/month €30+/month
*Check out your domain name registration price at

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Kenzap provides secure and problem free hosting environment for your project deployments. With one of the most reliable and popular technologies in use your projects will run without downtime and interruptions.

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Translation Services

German Spanish French Russian Arabic
1800 symbols €50 €50 €50 €50 €70
*All text translations are from English.

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Kenzap can provide other language translations, contact us for clarification.

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Advertisement Organization

AdSense Yandex Direct Facebook ads Facebook page & content Direct Advertisment
design+settings €50/ad €50/campaign €50/campaign €0.5/like €100+/month
*Advertisement organization includes ad design, account creation, settings, keywords suggestion.

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Kenzap can design and publish AdSense, Facebook and Yandex Direct advertisement during half working day. With the help of these advertisement platforms you get direct control of your budget planing, keywords selection, geographic targeting, analytic data, email report system.

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Process Automation

Automate Windows/Linux Workflow Management System PCB design & integration Industrial process automation
~€100/task €1000+ €5000+ €8000+

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  • Whether it is a minor email report system or some task automation during PC startup, Kenzap can provide technical support for your business IT environment and improve some routine tasks.
  • Workflow management system is a software for business process reorganization and optimization. Kenzap can integrate it and educate employees on a daily basis.
  • PCB design is a heart of any automation project. Unlike general purpose computers (personal computers, web servers) PCBs are extremely compact and versatile. Custom sensors and electronic component integration on one board can automate any technical process or dynamically extend functionality of existing system. PCB design includes electronic circuit design, electronic component selection, PCB prototype design, manufacturing and electronic component assembling, software development, testing.
  • Industrial process automation is where Kenzap can deliver outstanding solutions for a reasonable price. Only imagine how modern and competitive your business may become, when PLCs (programmable logical controllers for industrial automation) are controlled remotely from iPhone application with real time animation.

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Corporate Software

WPF Applications Windows Service WCF Service Console Application ASPX Web Site Custom .NET Framework
€250+ €300+ €900+ €150+ €500+ €300+

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