Trademark Use and Guidelines

Using Trademark without consent is a strict violation which may result in account suspension and service listing removal.

The purpose of this article is to explain what you can and can’t use in your listing when it comes to trademarks, logos and branded products.

Listing is a landing page that describes your your service, your personal profile or a product.

Dealing with intellectual property regulations might be a complicated process, especially if your listing includes subject matter which you did not create, and in which other rights exist, such as a trademark, logo or any other graphical asset.


This list below highlights what is not allowed in your listings:

  • No identifiable real-world products can be a stand-alone listing or the focus of the item.
  • No trademarks visible.
  • No use of trademarks in titles, long descriptions or short descriptions, images.

Exception examples

Listing on Kenzap websites can include trademarks used in a factual way to describe what an item actually is whether it be in the title, description or images.

Allowed example:

organic instagram marketing service

Not allowed example:

instagram – organic service for sme