Kenzap Affiliate Program. Getting Started.

By launching our new affiliate program in 2020 we create new income opportunities not only for amateur marketing gurus but for newcomers as well.

The Difference

As you have already noticed most affiliate programs pay fixed percent commissions. However most often it happens only during the first purchase a new buyer makes.

What if the potential buyer converts again and buys something else?

Right you are not getting anything as he is no longer considered as a new customer.

The biggest advantage of Kenzap affiliate program is that it is a new platform meaning that the client database is fresh and small with 99% chance of every visitor being a first time buyer.

As a result your chances of conversion rates are increasing.

Another advantage worth mentioning is that we pick top performing affiliates and offer them additional tools they need in order to boost sales. This may include but not limited to:

  • free ADs credits
  • IT support
  • custom software solutions
  • client database access
  • workshop, meetup, conference tickets

You can get a chance to work directly with our client database in order to improve retention. This also means that you can earn not only on first time buyers but an unlimited amount of times as long as customer converts again.

In order to become eligible to our special program you need to generate at least $1,000 USD in sales within the first 6 months after joining this program.

Services to Sell

At the moment we mainly focus on digital and IT services but quite soon this will also include other types of services, such as legal, managing and even localized services such as photography or postage.

See the list of all categories and choose those that suit you most.

Program Activation

In order to join Kenzap affiliate program you first need to enable it under your profile.

Click on the button below to do so.

Then fill in you profile data including country of residence, payout data and links to social networks. Once the your profile is verified you should see new sidebar menu item called Affiliate.

This is the where you can track statistics related to user installs, pending and past payouts and conversion rates. You can also find your affiliate identified there.


Affiliate Dashboard

Our affiliate program supports two types of identifiers.

  • IDA link term
  • Coupon codes

IDA term. For example, if your IDA identifier is 110339 and the link you want to refer to looks as following

then final link structure that includes your IDA identifier will look like this:

Coupon codes. This type of identifier is perfect for offline and video marketing where link referrals are not applicable.

Each coupon code is valid for 1 year or 365 days since the day of its creation and gives each user small discount upon checkout.

Coupon codes and IDA identifier can be found under your affiliate dashboard.