Getting Started with Kenzap

Kenzap is a marketplace where talents from all over the world list their professional services. Kenzap gives additional tool to ensure cross-border collaboration is safe and convenient.

In order to maintain high quality of service marketplace handles billing, legal and other seamless aspects to ensure satisfied user experience.

The target audience of Kenzap are mainly small to medium entrepreneurs (SME) or individuals that need help with digital services.

How to Join Kenzap

While we are open to anyone to join and list their services certain marketplace restrictions and guidelines apply. To become eligible we need to make sure listed services will bring high quality to the community and the target audience.

For this specific reason we need to verify the level of professionalism of any talent that want to join Kenzap. Here is the list of points our review team can take a look at:

  • Link to verifiable online portfolio of works. This can be a social media profile like Dribble if you are a designer or Play Market if you are an app developer.
  • Community Articles.
  • Reference from previous employer.

In case you do not have any of these you can still create one. Community articles are a good way to start.

Creating Article

One of the best ways to showcase your professionalism is to create an article or simply a blog post that focuses on some specific topic that relates to the services you would like to list.

Not only this approach will help Kenzap review team to accept you into the platform but also help attract more potential customer when they come across your content online.

Article may contain text, video, graphical content, any media format that highlights your services in the best possible way.

Here are some article examples:

Creating your first article is easy. Simply click on the button below and you will be redirected to your Kenzap Blog account.

Once the article is created and verified it will be published under Kenzap marketplace and linked with your name. Once this operation is done you can list your first service by opening your account.