All Things Talents – General Guidelines

This article is exclusively intended for talents that are currently listing their services on Kenzap marketplace. It covers general rules, guidelines and best practices.

Get them through carefully in order to become successful with us.

1. Customer Support

Kenzap serves businesses and individuals worldwide and we treat your customers as ours. At its core a success of any business depends on great customer support.

Kenzap expects you to provide prompt and helpful replies to any requests coming from your existing and potential customers.

1.1. Reply if Unavailable

As customers are coming from various regions across the globe they may text you any time including weekdays and public holidays.

In case you can not reply immediately it is always considered a good practice to send a brief reply stating that you will get back in touch within some period of time. Example:

Dear Alex,

Thank you for reaching me. I will get back to your request by Monday latest. Currently it’s Sunday midnight in Manila..

1.2. Progress Updates

Another important aspect is to provide constant updates on your work progress. While this may look as too much of a hassle this will play into your hands over time.

Regardless the amount of money spent people like seeing progress on the work done. For example, a customer orders a video service from you on Kenzap, sending a brief update a couple of days before the deadline will be a good sign for your customer.

Hey, a small update regarding your order. I am currently at the final stage of processing your video..

2. Sell as Advertised

Offering services as advertised or even advertising less but delivering more is what makes your customers return. It is considered a good practice when services delivered above customer expectations rather than the opposite way.

Be very descriptive when you list your services and make it straight to the point. Get through Listing Your First Service article for more details.

3. Disputes

It is not inevitable that dispute situations may arise from time to time. On this occasion you are welcome to reach us directly via our help center.

4. Account Suspension

Some of the most popular cases of account suspension:

  • Poor response rates
  • Bad customer support
  • Not delivering services as advertised
  • Trademark and Copyright violations
  • Kenzap Term of Service violation

In case your account is suspended you can always reach Kenzap and ask for assistance.