This service includes basic editing of your audio for your podcast. I will mix your audio using tools such as eq, dynamic compression, de-essing, background noise reduction, adding your supplied intro/outro music, and finally, mastering the track as the final stage. This will ensure that your audio is ready for streaming and distribution services like Libsyn. Turnaround time for this service is 2 days. Please choose your package!

Important: This service is only basic editing. This means that I will mix and master your track to the highest quality including noise reduction but the removal of "uhmms, ahhs", mistakes, and errors are under Advanced Editing (see below).

What is Advanced Editing? This is an in depth edit of your audio and this is where I will remove mistakes and remove "uhmms, ahhs", dead spaces and stumbles.

What are Shownotes or Transcription? This is a very important part of your podcast that you should not ignore. This helps with SEO to help search engines find your show and introduce it to a very broad audience online.

Advanced Editing: $15 extra for 15 mins.

Shownotes/Transcription: $15 extra for 15 mins.