Technology Overview

Antimicrobial resistance developed due to the overuse of conventional antimicrobial agents in surface coatings and consumer products is a global concern for treatment of infectious diseases in recent years. This raises the importance of alternative antimicrobial agents in antiseptic products.

RP has developed a stabilised form of a plant-based photoactive antimicrobial agent, which produces highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) when activated by light. The enhanced environmental stability has made it suitable to be incorporated in various materials for the self-sterilising product applications and may provide a “greener solution” to limit the spread of pathogens and transmission of infections by indirect contact.

Technology Features

  • The antimicrobial agent developed is from a plant source, which is readily available and cheap. 
  • Demonstrated in many scientific literatures as a natural antimicrobial that has broad-spectrum activity against virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites.
  • The stabilisation of the antimicrobial agent is achieved by a single step chemical reaction, which does not affect the antimicrobial properties. 
  • The preliminary studies demonstrate antimicrobial activity by visible light activation as well. 

Potential Applications

  • Coatings for diverse surfaces including plastics, leather, wood, concrete and metal.
  • Potential applications in fabric dye, personal care products and food packaging materials due to its plant origin/source. 


  • Infection control measure to create self-sterilising contact surfaces.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.


This technology is available for licensing and technology transfer.