Is your theme fulfill the below requirements

Hello Team,Is your theme fulfill the below requirement?Theme: need the below features for our e-ticket system.1. Customers can view all events with filters like location, author, artist, team, and event date.2. Detail view of the event with date time and location/venue.3. Book a ticket with seat selection or general ticket.4. Organizer and admin can create events and tickets with custom layout or general ticket booking.5. Organizer can sell tickets with custom seat management or general ticket.6. Admin can manage events, users, organizers, and tickets.7. All other pages like login, register, profile, contact us, and about us.8. Printable QR code on success ticket booking.9. Mobile app to scan ticket QR code and one can't validation second time if once scanned and validate.10. Is the mobile app only on Android or both Android and IOS?11. One month of maintenance (Error, bug, and issue fixing. Integration and usage guide).12. The ticket scanning should work on mobile and web both.13. If the event requires seat confirmation only then the other module appears.Thank you!