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No responses ?

I don't see any answers to Internet users' questions, it's a shame, it doesn't make you want to buy!

My ticket query

Hello i am wanting to purchase the My ticket word press site but i have some questions. 

I want to act like a host, I want to allow promoters to create their account and to be able to sell their tickets for their event, is this possible?

Also, let's say I have 10 businesses running their events, how does the scanning work? will they just sign into their profile on the app and scan as normal?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Third Party Integration

Good day,

i would like to find out if your theme is compatible with the Foo Events plugin, i have purchased the theme previously, but this is the first time i'm going to integrate it with a third party plugin...i want to make purchase for the newest release.

kindly advise if this is possible

The QR code is not secure and could be duplicated easily

The QR code need to be a unique generated number otherwise someone could counterfeit this easily. The QR code shows website. Order Number like this 3701/1. next ticket 3701/2.

Why doesn't it look like the demo?

After I set up my site, I want to see what I see in the demo and organize the pages and events according to my needs.

But even though I installed it on my own site, I cannot see what I see on the demo site.

Theme last version

I want to download the latest version of the theme

iOs app for ticket scanning

There iOs app is available for ticket scanning.?

Wordpress plugin for myticket events not working

Hi, last thursday, 19/02/24 myticket events plugin for wordpress stopped working. I reset the server from a backup, and worked for a few hours, but then it stopped working again. I am running the plugin on Is there an necessary update I need to install?

How to edit ticket details:

How to edit ticket details: 

·      I want to change the company name and other details on the ticket.

·      Are there any alternative ticket designs available?

How to change the footer "All rights reserved" details.

How to change the event page country location.

How to edit the sidebar:

How to change the Main page location to San Francisco.

The past event page is showing errors; please rectify.

I'm awaiting a big event and need to arrange seating layout and other necessities. Can you provide guidance on the procedure for this?

Error download PDF in Account Page and Translate no complete in Account Page


1.- On the account page, PDF ticket does not download: error (Invalid request).

2.- The purchase detail translation does not apply to the account page, but does apply to all other pages and PDF