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Time and Date to remove in cart


Please i want to remove the date and time in the cart or fix the timing. because if you see the timing in the same event, in cart is different two hours than the one i've added in product page.


Enhancements Request


Would it be possible to build the below enhancements to the MyTicket website.

  1. Linking Artists to events so that only the events by a particular artist can be listed on the Artist page.
  2. Vendor Registration, Vendor creating events and getting paid directly minus the admin charges.


Please let me know.

Please update the theme to work with PHP 8

The theme only works with PHP 7.4 - so is quickly becoming outdated and therefore need to pay for extended PHP server support. Please can you upgrade the site to work with PHP 8.

i bought this theme.

The problem that i find is after i purchase a ticket as a test, no qr code is shown, no email is send. What should i do???

All I am seeing is the number 1 on the events, calendar and my seating chart page.

The plugin no longer works on my website. Can you say what the issue is? I can create events and preview it, however it is not displayed in the events page. All I am seeing is the number 1 on the events, calendar and my seating chart page. My site is live and I sell tickets on a daily basis. How do I fix the issues? I have not updated anything. My last was Friday gone and I have an upcoming event tomorrow which is why I am trying to post the ticket online.

MyTicket Listing 1, missing events

Why i don't see the events in the link /events, i only see MyTicket Listing 1 When i add an event, i didn't see in upcoming events, did i need to activate or modify something? Thanks


can myticket accept local api for payment

QR Code not showing on the View Order Page or on PDF

Hey, post event booking, the user is still not getting the QR on either the website or on the PDF. Please help urgently.

GoDaddy Error on missing style.css stylesheet

I am trying to install the MyTicket theme on GoDaddy and I am getting an error:

"Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed."

Please advise