MyTicket WordPress Theme

MyTicket – create events, sell tickets, validate QR-code printouts with free mobile app.

Why doesn't it look like the demo?

After I set up my site, I want to see what I see in the demo and organize the pages and events according to my needs.

But even though I installed it on my own site, I cannot see what I see on the demo site.

Theme last version

I want to download the latest version of the theme

iOs app for ticket scanning

There iOs app is available for ticket scanning.?

Wordpress plugin for myticket events not working

Hi, last thursday, 19/02/24 myticket events plugin for wordpress stopped working. I reset the server from a backup, and worked for a few hours, but then it stopped working again. I am running the plugin on Is there an necessary update I need to install?

How to edit ticket details:

How to edit ticket details: 

·      I want to change the company name and other details on the ticket.

·      Are there any alternative ticket designs available?

How to change the footer "All rights reserved" details.

How to change the event page country location.

How to edit the sidebar:

How to change the Main page location to San Francisco.

The past event page is showing errors; please rectify.

I'm awaiting a big event and need to arrange seating layout and other necessities. Can you provide guidance on the procedure for this?

Error download PDF in Account Page and Translate no complete in Account Page


1.- On the account page, PDF ticket does not download: error (Invalid request).

2.- The purchase detail translation does not apply to the account page, but does apply to all other pages and PDF

Payment and Translation


As we guess the MyTicket Theme includes all features of ticket system.

We want to buy this theme but before some clarification:

  1. This theme includes MyTicket Events plugin. We can create own events with different concert hall layouts? Any additional fees will not be paying?
  2. How will be proceed payment? Can we connect our payment system?
  3. We want to build site in two languages (Kazakh, Russian). Can we translate with the WPML plugin?
  4. Lastly, what about design of pages? Can we create own pages with Elementor plugin.

Thanks in advance!

Demo not working

Hello, the demo not working. we only see error establishing a database connection Thanks.

Add service fee on checkout


I want to buy this theme, im almost at checkout, I want to know if there is a way to add service fee or credit card processing fee to the buyers cart.

For eg, if ticket is $20 and fee is 4% can we show that at check out and charge then 20 4% = $20.80?

Thank you.

Problems with app and QR Code

Hello, I have some problems that I need a solution to. I will try to explain and also add images.

1) When I try to scan the QR Code through the application, the application gives an error saying "Error: Value[] at order_meta of type org.json.JSONArray cannot be converted to JSONObject" How to solve?

2) When the customer enters the order area and clicks on the "Pdf" button, the website just returns to the main page or to the Ultimate Member user.

3) When I go to WooCommerce orders, open the order, and click the "view" button to see the ticket, it opens a demo pdf and not the ticket.

How to resolve these issues?

Thank You!