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Scanning problem

When scanning the code I get the following errors

VALUE [] in order_meta of type org.json.JSONArray cannot be converted to JSONObject

Error while processing server response. Make sure there are no errors in the API

what can be done?

Question about users

Question can i add users to add his event and he us authorize for his event only he can add and remove and prices .?

how to integrate api wordpress so i can validate ticket using android app

always get error processing server response. make sure are no errors from the api

Question about editing text on MyTicket WordPress plugin


I need help to change or edit the text from the order details form:

I want to change the part that says "Or download each tickets.." and also the variables such as Seat, Row, Seat ID

Is there any way I can hide most of the variables from appearing on the email and thankyou page?

thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hi Ticketing numbers:

Why don't the tickets have a continuous order, without skipping numbers?

For example, a ticket bought on May 19 has the id 4732(order_id) _ 112 (ticket item id), and the next one bought on May 22, has the id 4737(order_id) _ 120 (ticket item id). I need the tickets to be in order. After ticket 112, there should be ticket 113, not 120.

Thanks a lot!

Where can I find the source code of MyTicket software

Where can I find the source code of MyTicket software.