Reserved seats sometimes not showing as "Sold out" in hall layouts

Hello,we have problems with seat reservations in hall layouts:customers reserve a seat and pay and the transaction is completewith some transactions the seat is marked red as sold out for the following customers and can't be reserved againwith others the seat is still green and can be selected, however:when clicking on "Add to cart" an alert-Window (javascript) pops up, saying "Oops, some seats are already booked".But even on a page reload/refresh, the seat stays greenWe already installed v1.2.3 of MyTicket Events, but this bug staysWe tried with one user who had the problem when booking with Google Chrome browser, but not with FirefoxAnother user also had the bug with Firefox (current version, JS enabled and all)This is a very serious issue for us, a possible deal breaker. Do you have any ideas on that?Also: Where in the database are the seat reservations stored? We can't find them and even deleting the bookings in woocommerce don't delete the seat reservations.Kind regards,Sebastian