How to exclude some products from receiving the PDF ticket?

Hey!I'd like some help with the email setup for pdf ticketsI have different events going on, users can purchase their tickets and after a successfull payment, they receive an email with the pdf ticket attachedNow I have one event in specific that I'd like not to receive the pdf ticket when the email of completed payment arrives.Is there a way to remove this attachment to a specific ticket but leaving the others active?If I wasn't clear enough, here's an example of what I need:Ony my website there are two events: Event A and Event B. They both are available for purchases now.Event A has three type of tickets. They all are getting a PDF ticket after the purchase emailed to the customer.Event B has two types of tickets, but in this event I'd like the email not to contain the PDF ticket, only the summary of the purchase from WooCommerce. So how can I leave pdf tickets active for Event A, but block them on Event B?thank you in advance for all help