Can I use it for seat dedication website?

Hi,  I have a client which wants a website for seat dedication purposes, the functionality very similar to this, a donor pays an amount to name a particular seat in a theatre,  a donor will get a plaque engraved with their own unique message. The plaque messages need to link to the selected seat. I found the Seat Reservation software is a very good tool to create a seat map. I have some questions to ask :1. For price variation, is it possible to assign a colour to each price of the seat? 2. Is it possible to customize the map legend? For example: change the ‘Sold out’ label to ‘Unavailable’, and change colour for each seat state? 3. Is it possible to style the seat and zone area colour?4. As the seat dedication process, the event date and address are not requested to display on the page, is it possible to hide the event details?5. Is it possible to add a view from the seat image?6. Is the custom fields against the seat or zone?