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Making Seats Unavailable / Not for sale


Where is the best place to make seats unavailable? We run a number of events and sometimes the front row is blocked out as not being available.

Where is the best place to do this? I don't want to add, and remove seats from the map each time the needs of a particular production change.

What would be the best way to mark these as "not for sale".


What is the process for a user purchasing a ticket


I've set everything up according to the guide, but I don't understand how visitors to my shop actually book tickets on the Seat Map. My shop has a lot of other products for sale in addition to booking events.

The map is embedded into a "Page" as per the guide and linked to the product item in WooCommerce with the product code.

However, when a user selects the product (a ticket) from the shop, how do they then select the seats?

If a visitor goes to the page with the seat map, they can order tickets from there, but this page is not immediately obvious as it isn't listed as a "product" available to purchase from the product listing page.

Can I embed the Seat Map as a block on a woocommerce product page?

Hopefully this makes sense......

My positions are not blocked after making the purchase on occasions

Good afternoon .

I have a problem, sometimes I get an error when making the purchase, sometimes the positions that the person bought are not blocked, so I have sold the locations up to 3 times.

And if you can help me see the data of the people who buy, it would also be very helpful.

Show available tickets

Hi there,

I want to purchase this: and I have few questions before.

I have the temple MyTicket from KenZap and I crated the layout stadium with seat and added the code to the layout WordPress, is anyhow I can set the plugin to show all available tickets next to the arena before selecting the ticket? At the moment one i click on the arena image and select a seat ticket only then will the ticket be displayed on the bottom with the option Add to Cart.

And if that's possible how do I set it up to be on the right side of the arena image always?

Thanks is advance.

Seat reservation is not working on my website

Hello! I need help with my seat reservation process.

After the introduction to a subscription for MyTicket cloud service, I've been having issues with the Participant Data process.

After I finish the payment process, the plugin takes me to an empty-cart page instead of the thankyou page. I've attached a video so you can see

Before the update, it's worth to mention that everything was working fine.

The settings I have on MyTicket plugin are:

  • Participant PDF Ticket (Status Completed)
  • Participant data

When I remove the participant data option, it works.

Plugin integration with page builder?

Can i integrate this plugin with Divi or without using page builder?

implementing sitting chart inside a product


how do i implement the sitting chart click inside the wc product

i mean i need to remove the add to cart butto and send him to choose a seat



Which License type do I need if I want to use this plugin for a restaurant/theater business

Hey, I want to use this plugin to map a customer's restaurant so customers can go to their website, select the seat/table they want and pay for it and do a reservation.

We will be using a different payment gateway but we want a way that customers can pick a seat, get the price for that seat and advance with payment.

Individual Ticket for printing (Not PDF)


How do I change or customize the information on the individual or actual ticket for box office printing? I looked in the plugin file under templates and general ticket but I was unable to find the information to change it. I have seats, rows and the address listed and I would like to know how to move those. The event section automatically generate the venue on the ticket but It is also showing the address for the company as well as the event venue.

Kindly find attached to view.

Bug when adding selected seats to cart

Hello, I am having a bug when I add the selected seat to the cart.

In the link I show the images of what is happening to me to see if they can help me, this is happening to me after I updated the plugin to its latest version

case sample

I appreciate any guidance you can give me.