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Que incluye el precio de USD 200

Hola. Nos gustaria saber que incluye el precio de USD200 y como pudieramos revisar un demo.

Muchas gracias

Dudas precio

Hola. Nos gustaría saber en el presupuesto de más de 500 asientos, si entrarían unos 800 asientos. Además, también queremos saber qué es eso de 3 horas incluidas y si el precio es anual o un pago único.

Un saludo

Price & Seeat ID - Translation

Hello. "Price" and "Seat ID" will appear on the invoice. That would be fine if it was in German. I'm already using a plugin for translation, but I can't translate these two variables. What option do I have? Thank you for your feedback

Hola quiero probar el plugin lo he instalado y no aparce en el panel de control

Buenas me interesa vuestro plugin pero no se que pasa quie no me aparece donde configurar, me podeis responder a Gracias

How to Add Product for each ticket?

Here's a video I recorded:

Not sure how to get the Add to Cart button to work.

Warning: Undefined variable $warning

Hello. I reinstalled the plugin. When I create a new page, the error message appears very briefly: Warning: Undefined variable $warning in /srv/www/wiesenmarkt/public/wiesenmarktwp/wp-content/plugins/myticket-events/inc/class-woocommerce.php on line 230

When I try to save this page I keep getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. After 5 minutes I get back to the backend, but the error in line 230 keeps coming back. Can you help me? thank you in advance

License Pricing Query

We are building a B2B Event Booking website wherein we would require the business user to create the layout with the use of your solution and we also want the perpetual ONE Time Pricing as well.

Can you get back to us if you offer the perpetual license pricing?

I have error when i add product to cart with myticketevent plugin

I have this error when i add product in my cart :

Warning: Undefined array key "myticket_user_id"

i have same error with myticket_price array and other arry and variable.

Download PDF


How i can download PDF from customer account and admin?

Thks for reply.

After a purchase the seat reservation dissapears

After a purchase the seat reservation dissapears within 30 minutes.

It's booked just like it was added to the cart. After the user purchase the ticket, and the order it's marked as Completed, the seats eventually will get available again.

I tried to check everything, but really can't figure it out why the seats go available when they should stay booked. Any fixes for that?