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[MyTicket scanner] Error processing server response


I am experiencing a technical issue with the ticket scanning process. Upon scanning a ticket,

"Error processing server response. Make sure there are no errors fr...", "Error: Value [] at order_meta of type org.json.JSONArray cannot..."

messages are displayed.

The response I got in Postmen:

current status
\u0422\u0440\u0430\u0432\u043d\u044f, 2024"},{"id":433,"key":"time","value":"8:00

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter.

JSON attributes

Hello, i wanted to ask if there's any way of modifying the json attributes so i can make an unique id for each seat, and also assign the product code to every seat?

Or how much will it be to take a dev and programm it...

Wordpress plugin and wooComerce it's used.

Exporting Order Data and ticket purchasing issues

What is the best way to export the order data and get the seat and zone?

I also ran into a few issues, Ive only got 242 seats for sale and on the first day we ran into the server being overloaded and the ticket reservation system not loading correctly. There were probably only 40 people trying to buy tickets so it shouldn't have been a terrible strain.

I also had probably ten tickets where they were able to buy a seat that was already purchased. There's also no way for me to change their seat after they purchase it (that I know of) besides make a note and double click the seat on the map to make it unavailable.

Cart Items all have extra data

I have additional items for sale through woocommerce and when they get added to the cart they have Date, Time, Venue, Seat, and Row for each product in the cart. This obviously works for the Ticket they are purchasing but it's confusing when there is a shirt and other products with it. How can I make this info only show on the ticket product?

Problems finding out how to pick date

Hello dear Kenzap Community,

I'd like to give my customers the ability to choose a specific date on which they can book the event (if the event goes on for three days or so) and I am not sure how I can pull that off.

Help would be really much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Adding text and a link to the Zone screen

How can I add a button or text link to the zone screen just above the seat selector so that I can have the users click through to a page with photos of the individual seats? See attached photo.

Tickets stays "selected" on visiting page after completing payment

Hello, After some tests, If i select 10 seats and go to the cart and pay them, Afterwards i go back to the seat selection page, some seats are still showing below the screen. So i need to delete them first before going to another day (otherwise the system does weird things)

Something went wrong error on checkout page

Hi guys,

I am using Myticket plugin on a fresh WP install (6.4.3) with WooCommerce 8.6.1 and WooCommerce Stripe Gate 8.0.1. So far everythings works fine. I can select a seat, add it to the card but when I proceed to the check out page, all of a sudden there's a "something went wrong error", which I can ignore to continue with the checkout process.

I made a test adding a product not linked to myticket. When adding my test product, there's no something went wrong error.

The problem is, that a even don't know how to trace this error in debug mode or logs. Any ideas?

Mobile Friendly

Is there a way to make each zone more mobile friendly? Right now I have about 50 seats per zone, when you look at it on desktop it looks fine but on mobile everything is squashed together and the numbers are on top of each other.

Myticket extra details didn't appear on product page


i can't find the details for date, location e andress in product page.

I've installed the plugin in 4 different website, never appeared.