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MyTicket Events Scanner is popular WordPress plugin to sell tickets for large or private events.

It comes with MyTicket  Scanner application can be downloaded under Play Market free of charge to validate PDF tickets. You can learn more under this kenzap blog.

You can request additional plugin customization to match your specific business requirements. A group of Kenzap engineers will assist you and provide profession code customization service; modify any part of the plugin or create additional layouts or components.

The plugin name is MyTicket Events which is also used in other popular products featured on Capterra.

The plugin is typically used for:

  • event organizers
  • ticket management and validation
  • PDF ticket scanning and live information retrieval about attenders
  • mass events to be used with other applications scanners simultaneously
  • seat registration 
  • fraud prevention
  • private parties
  • conferences 

For specific cases this application can be customized according to organizers needs and republished under new brand. You can request additional information via consultation package on how to integrate this application into your existing system or build a new one.

Customization Package - provide technical consultation over Zoom or Google Meet. Plugin code customization  relates to application customization.