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Mobile Application Development

The potential of the mobile application market is growing rapidly, thanks to the constant increase in the penetration of smartphones and tablets. Everyday people rely on mobile applications in various ways. One can get in touch with friends, access web resources or process offers of a company remotely. Kenzap knows how to build an application that will perfectly suits your needs. Consider using  iOS, Android, Windows phone mobile operating systems for:

  • Educational and Governmental institutions
  • Retail outlets and Online stores
  • Healthcare
  • Transports and Logistics
  • Specific business needs

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Mobile Apps & More

There might be cases when single mobile application development is insufficient to fulfill your business needs. We can develop an integrated system that, for instance, includes centralized data storage, dynamic website or online store, mobile app itself with secure access to centralized data storage, custom analytic and report modules. The counters on the right show different platform market share.

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iOS Apple

Developed by Apple Inc iOS is a mobile operating system that supports Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini. As of January 2014, App Store, a place of iOS program distribution, contained more than 1 million iOS applications, reaching $10 billion sales. The iOS is ideal for those who don`t like significant changes in user interfaces over long period of time as well as continue to stay updated with latest technological features. We can develop an iOS application that will comply with any quality and restriction guidelines required by Apple.

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Windows phone

After Microsoft has released new version of Windows Phone OS 8 the market share of Microsoft mobile platform rapidly increased. We can develop Windows Phone mobile apps for all platform versions. One of the main Windows phone OS advantages is its Windows OS like user interfaces. As wide audience worldwide is already familiar with Microsoft desktop OS it makes it easy to adopt using new Window phone platform.

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Android is an operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices. Unlike iOS, android supports different hardware vendors like HTC, Sony, Samsumg, LG, Google Nexus, which makes it one of the most popular mobile platform today. The main advantage of Android is its flexibility and openness to new ideas and experiments. While other platforms tend to restrict programming abilities according to platform specific rules, Android is here to help.

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