Stylish and vivid banner designs will immediately catch attention of your website visitors. Two download from Play Market and App Store buttons act as a powerful CTA buttons to direct website visitors to app download pages.

Stylish CTA Banner

Customization of this theme is easy and you can add additional layouts such as galleries, contact forms, step elements, blog posts and much more. Easily adjust colors, texts, buttons, font size, shape of the element, width and height.

Advanced Image Galleries

Image galleries are one fo the coolest ways to reflect almost any information visually. This theme comes with 6 various gallery layout types such as grid as shown above, masonry, full width one row gallery, metro type of gallery. You can also adjust gallery background and set up custom with and hover effects with text positioned above, below or on top of the image. 

Galleries can be used to show screenshot of your applications as this gallery supports images with vertical aspect ratio. You can also use image galleries to show your core team members and their position and much more.

How to add additional layouts?

On top of all this functionality you can have free demo trial and hundreds of additional layout examples. Not all of the layouts are loaded into the demo preview of this specific theme but you can take any from this source: or WordPress public repositories.  

WordPress Standards

You can find numerous plugins and extensions under free WordPress repositories developed by Kenzap. All these plugins are optimized for Kenzap themes while any other theme vendor can also rely on it too. In addition to that, every plugin is verified by core WordPress team.

List of free plugin with additional layouts

Free Kenzap Cloud Demo

Check out free Kenzap cloud demo to see this product in action. You can try creating you first page or adjust existing demo content without any need to understand HTML language. Its easy and intuitive and yet it gives you all powers of Wordpress with access to its numerous plugins.

Enjoy nice and fresh looking design of this theme. 

Click on the pencil icon from this listings main image preview slider in order to start customizing this theme in live.

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