• Misella - Beach Reservation Pre-built WordPress Website - image 1

This pre built website template is perfect to:

  • create beach reservation system 
  • sell food and drinks on the beach with online checkout
  • manage visitors queues in a more optimized way 
  • create time slots for deck reservation
  • rent, lease entire beach or a specific spot
  • organize open air events with seat, table or deck reservation

It support latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and complies with WordPress standards. 

It also features latest industry content editing technology backed by React that will make your website loading speed much faster compared to conventional technologies.

Beach Owners

Attract more website visitors and convert them into permanent customers with the help of Misella's nice and elegant design.

Sundeck, Beach Space Reservation System

One of the bullet features of this template is its built in beach deck reservation system. It allows you to link your custom layout regardless of its complexity and create an interactive seating chart to accept reservations online and accept payments via more then 30+ different payment gateways.

Advanced Layouts Included

Simply enjoy creating layouts by picking one from the layout library directly from your WordPress admin. Tweak any part fo the payout such as colors, spacings between elements and basic font settings.  

Blog Variations & Galleries

Keep your website visitors up to date with latest information from the community.

Run Events

Food and beverage. It is a great option to list food and beverage menu under your website to attract more visitors to the beach.

Run Events

List events directly on your website. Increase engagement by offering more options to entertain your customers. With the help of this extensions you can list various events under different categories. Add custom filtering options and checkout customers via WooCommerce.

Contact Form

Process clients online, receive feedback directly to your email address. Improve conversion rates and automate client flow.

Part of WordPress Core

This template does not rely on third party Page Builders to create layouts instead it extends WordPress latest editing system and provides seamless experience where every piece of content can be modified. It comes with true what you see is what you get experience.

Installation and Demo Content

The installation process is extremely simplified and you do not need to struggle any longer. Alternatively we suggest you try this template free in Kenzap Cloud by clicking on the button below.